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Cold finger food ideas

Here are some scrumptious appetizers that can prove to be of use while planning the party food. Take a look at these 'cold' finger food ideas.

With summer around the corner, you must be planning outings, fun gatherings and parties, aren't you? You can go for cold finger foods this time! You will be able to keep the foods ready beforehand and enjoy the fun-time without worrying about cooking on the said day.


The best part about some of the cold finger foods is that they do not require elaborate cooking, which means they can well be made in a jiffy.


 Ideas for cold finger foods

One of the easy finger food are sandwiches. They do not require too many ingredients and can easily be made with the ingredients available at home as well. One can choose to make vegetable, egg, meat, tuna, tofu or cheese sandwiches. If you are health conscious, then you can choose to make sandwiches using whole wheat bread or multi-grain bread. A small tip, if you are going to use these as fillings in the sandwiches, the bread might end up becoming soggy, so might not consider making them well in advance.

Like sandwiches, one idea for cold finger foods for kids are the rolls. You can choose to make the rolls and cut them into bite size pieces and use a toothpick to keep the filling in the rolls together. They make for a healthy food option as well. There are a number of ideas, which can be used to make the rolls. One favorite are the cucumber smoked salmon rolls. Not only do they taste delicious, but they also qualify for that perfect plate presentation. And making them is not difficult.

Vegetables with Dips

If you are looking for vegetarian finger food, then this is an idea, which you may want to use. An assortment of vegetables can be placed alongside a dip of your choice. Some of the options include cucumber, cherry tomatoes, salad greens, etc. Some tofu or cottage cheese cubes can also be added to the vegetables.

Cheese as a Starter

One of the simplest of the cold finger foods ideas is to arrange an assortment of cheese. Most people will enjoy the treat. Do not forget to keep toothpicks with the cheese, so that it becomes easier to pick up the cheese cubes. Other than cubes, you may want to try the sticks option as well. You may choose to make cheese bites instead, if you have sufficient time in hand. Since they are baked, they are a healthy option as well.

Garlic Toast

Garlic toast is a great finger food. If you like baking, you may choose to bake the bread at home itself. Making garlic toast will not require a lot of preparation and yet it is something, which is popular in all age groups. If there are left overs, it can also be eaten with the main course. Bruschetta is a good alternative to plain garlic bread and not to forget garlic bread with cheese!

Tortillas with Dip

There may hardly be anyone, who does not savor tortillas. To accompany the tortillas, you can choose to make different dips, like guacamole dip, cheese dips, salsa, etc. The guacamole dip is an all time favorite. If you are not a big fan of tortillas with dips, the other option you have is that of tortilla rolls. Cheese, ham slices, olives, etc. can be used to make the rolls.


Deviled Eggs

There are different versions of making deviled eggs, also known as stuffed eggs. They can easily be carried for an outing as well. You may choose to make the deviled eggs and store them in the refrigerator, till you want to serve them. Different ingredients can be used to make the stuffing of your choice.


Tarts also make for interesting finger foods. Lemon tarts are often liked by everyone. If you are making the tarts for kid's party, then it is best to make them in mini-size. It is easier to pick it up and eat, rather than making big tarts, which may not be comfortable for the children to eat.

If you are hosting a party do not forget to serve these finger foods in attractive bowls and plates. It is best to make as many finger foods well in advance to avoid the last minute rush.